Ashlee Haze

Ashlee Haze


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  • As seen on Button Poetry, Buzzfeed, and Huffington Post
  • Featured on the Tom Joyner Morning Show
  • One of the top 10 Women Poets in the world

Kiera "Ashlee Haze" Nelson is a poet and spoken word artist from Atlanta by way of Chicago. Earning the nickname “Big 30" because of her consistency in getting a perfect score, she is one of the most auspicious poets in the sport of slam. She has performed everywhere from small coffee shops to the Apollo Theater. She is the current Slam Mistress of Java Monkey Slam Team, Southeast Regional Slam Champions. Ashlee Haze is a two-time Women of the World Poetry Slam finalist. She appears in “3-Minute Activists: The Soul of Slam” a feature-length documentary that examines the lives and work of some of Atlanta’s premier Spoken Word Artists. You may have seen her poems on Youtube, Huffington Post, For Harriet and many other media platforms. After hearing one of her poems, Missy Elliot surprised Ashlee by coming to her house. Ashlee’s poetry is funny, heart wrenching, and most importantly, unapologetic.

Haiku & Senryu: A Short Poem Workshop
This workshop will explore the nuances between the ancient Japanese poetic forms haiku and senryu. Attendees will be given prompts and will explore the process of writing haiku, learning how to turn simple thoughts and ideas into short poems.

Say it with Your Chest: A Performance and Voice Control Workshop
This workshop is all about performance. Attendees should come prepared with their own writings or piece they wish to practice performance with. We will practice cadence, volume, voice power, and inflections.

Coping Mechanism: A Writing & Release Workshop
This workshop will explore poetry as catharsis through the lens of grief and distress. Attendees should be prepared to write through a source of grief that they aim to release or cope with through writing. Roughly 40% of the workshop will be open forum discussion about loss and life. Another 40% of the class will be writing to a prompt that aims to give the attendee a healthy way to process and heal from that which has caused pain. The last 20% being dedicated to the sharing of those writings.

Pump up the Volume: A Strategic Communication & Public Speaking Workshop
This workshop will give attendees the tools to be heard by their intended audience and how to strategically communicate ideas. Ashlee Haze will detail how her writing brought Missy Elliott to her front door step (literally) and how your work can be a magnet to what and who you aim to attract. This workshop will be 50% lecture and 50% open forum/audience interaction.