Gabriela Garcia Medina

Gabriela Garcia Medina


  • Finalist at Sundance Writer’s Lab 2015
  • Nominated Poet Laureate 2015
  • Performer of the Year APCA 2010/2011

Born in Russia to Cuban parents, Gabriela Garcia Medina has seen the world through eyes most haven’t. As an international spoken word artist and award-winning poet, her poetry has taken her to places such as South Africa, Cuba, Brazil, Switzerland and all over the United States. Her poetry ranges from topics as serious as the social injustices we all face to talking about her lingerie. Gabriela has been relentlessly touring since 2007 with over 10 NACA regional Showcases and NACA Nationals on her resume as well. And now her words have found a permanent home on the walls of Eva Longoria’s restaurant “Besos” in Los Angeles. You may have also seen her national commercials for Dove, Toyota and Coca-Cola, which features her poetry and performance – and it’s a performance you won’t want to miss.

The Art of Spoken Word
The purpose of this workshop is for students to write one complete rough draft of a spoken word poem. We will explore poetry structure, developing a creative voice, finding a story through unconventional means (such as newspaper clippings, current events, Facebook, music, art. etc.) Students will learn editing skills through workshopping their poems in class, and offering creative constructive feedback to one another.

Identity and Self Awareness through Poetry
The purpose of this workshop is for students to use poetry as a medium for self-awareness. We will explore creative writing activities to delve deep into personal questions about identity. Although students will be encouraged to share their writing with one another, it is not a requirement, they only requirement is honesty, openness, and a willingness to participate. This workshop has been taught for College students, High School students, Social Entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, etc. It’s great for community and team building as well as bringing self-awareness.

Screenwriting 101
Students will learn screenwriting fundamentals. The technical format of a screenplay, and will develop short 5-10 page short films/scenes (these can be original scenes, or spec scripts for existing shows). Students will critique each other’s work and offer creative feedback, and ideas for edits and revisions. Students should leave this workshop with ‘sellable’ short scripts that adhere to industry standards. This class will not only be fun, and creative, but will also introduce students to the mechanics of a powerful and marketable skill.

Short Story Workshop
This is an intensive creative writing workshop. Student will write a complete rough draft of a short story by the end of the hour. We will have in class writing activities to develop structure, character, awaken the subconscious, and construct plot. We will create a skeleton using the three Act structure. We will share our work, and offer creative constructive criticism to our peers, that can help further edit and polish our stories.