Eric Schwartz

Eric Schwartz


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  • One Hour Special "Surrender to the Blender" on Hulu
  • Featured on The Tonight Show and Showtime
  • Featured on Warped Tour 2015

Deep in the California suburbs, multimedia and comedy have a freak accident to create Eric Schwartz, a mild man-nerd who unleashes a mind-blowing show filled with musical comedy, physical antics, multicultural satire and social commentary. This multi-dimensional showman has earned the description, “Everything there is to love about entertainment” (First Order Historians). With appearances on The Tonight Show, Showtime, Comics Unleashed, BET and more, GQ India names him one of “5 International Comics You Must Catch.” His viral videos have aired on E!, G4, CNN and OMG Insider, while YouTube named him one of its prestigious NextUp Creators. applauds him for having “a minor industry in pop music parodies.”

Location: Los Angeles, California

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