Jaren George

Jaren George


  • 2022 Willamette Week Portland's Funniest 5
  • 2023 Portland Mercury Undisputable Genius of Comedy
  • Seen on HULU's TV show Shrill

Born and raised in New York City, Jaren is a stand-up comedian based in Portland, Oregon. He just wants you (the audience) to be engaged and feed off his intensely high-charismatic ways. Jaren's style for jokes can only be described as "energetic storytelling" with a second main entree of "Ah, I see what he did there" because he spoils you. Jaren has opened for national touring headlining comedians this year like Sterling Scott, Chris Gethard, and Gary Gulman. He was also voted in 2022 as one of Willamette Week’s Funniest Five Comedians in Portland and Portland Mercury's 2023 Geniuses of Comedy. He co-hosts Kickstand's Comedy in the Park and runs a podcast called IT Desk. You can see him walking around in the hit HULU show Shrill. Your cat adores him.

Location: Portland, Oregon

    Our next comedian has opened for Gary Gulman and Chris Gethard and was voted one of Portland's Funniest Five in 2022. He was named one of Portland's Undisputable Geniuses of Comedy in 2023 and you can see him walking around in the hit TV show Shrill on HULU. He also hasn't chewed gum since he was 6 years old. Please welcome, Jaren George!

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