Jim Wand

Jim Wand

Comedy Hypnosis

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  • Extremely Engaging for all Audiences!
  • Performed over 2000 College Shows Nationwide
  • A Yearly Tradition at Numerous Colleges

Jim Wand is a legend in the field of stage hypnosis. With over 2,000 college shows to his credit, he has become a tradition at many colleges across the country. Each year, he creates an entirely new show, holding a “back to college bootcamp” each term. He hires several college students who sit down and research what is currently trending on college campuses, including the most popular social media platforms, music, movies, hobbies, and other interests of college students.

Each show is custom designed to those attending the show, what is happening on campus, and other upcoming events the sponsoring group has planned. The performances are always fast moving, packed with interactive skits, and foot pounding music, tastefully done and enjoyed by all. A sound technician assists with the show to make each performance a “professional production” from start to finish. Besides the 20-30 students participating on stage, audience members are included in certain skits to make sure the audience is engaged and entertained during the entire show. He actually takes requests from the programming group to add a particular skit or skits to his show, and often asks audiences for “improv ideas”.

Jim’s goal is to create positive memories that will last long after the performance date has passed.

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