Zen Gardens for Colleges

Zen Gardens for Colleges

Meditate with this desktop zen garden!

  • Kit contains all of the items needed to create the zen garden
  • Zen Garden is approximately 9 inches wide x 7.5 inches long
  • Available as a DIY drop ship event or can be shipped direct to students

Zen Gardens are a magical way to relax your mind and get creative. Relief your stress by drawing different patterns in the sand and by arranging the zen stones. Spark your environment with the elegant design of your zen garden. Awesome for coffee tables, desks, or any space in your room.

Create amazing designs with your desk zen garden and let your creativity flow. It's an awesome form of meditation to deeply relax your mind. Get inspired and creative while playing with the zen garden. You will never run out of ideas with this all-in-one set.

The mesmerizing zen garden decor will make any room or space feel special. Make your environment cozy and welcome, and feel free to add items to your Zen Garden to make it uniquely yours. A true, eye-catching design will bring peace and calmness that will help you stay sharp and focused.

* Drop Ship/DIY Program *